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About EO Black.



Designed and made exclusively in the UK, we work with trusted suppliers and manufacturing partners to ensure that the finished product is first-rate in every detail.

We only ever use premium quality materials and components - an EO kitchen is designed to look fabulous and function beautifully in the Great British outdoors.

To underline our approach, there are a few key distinctions that make up an EO kitchen:


Steve Esdaile

EO Black is designed by multiple award-winning designer Steve Esdaile.

The range is derived from the original EO kitchen system, and comprises a series of carefully considered modules which offer the same high specification build quality at a more affordable price.

The steel we use beneath the stoved powder coating of the frameworks is stainless steel.

Stainless steel won't rust like mild or 'carbon' steel will.
Our frameworks are welded and then dressed by hand before being powder coated.

Base shelves and details are in brushed stainless steel, and all components are designed to allow for air circulation and rain water drainage. 

Our Dekton worktops are Dekton! There are cheaper ceramic imitations, and some that may 'borrow' the name, but ours are the real thing.

Premium quality Dekton is a stunning surface, which is very strong, UV stable and hygienic.
It’s a ceramic porcelain that is stain-resistant, acid-proof, and resistant to scratches, abrasions and thermal shock. Perfectly suited to food preparation areas, it looks fabulous on our kitchens.

We're confident that an EO Black kitchen can be configured to suit most requirements, but if you have specific requirements that demand a more tailored approach, our original EO system delivers an extensive choice of function, form and finish. Head over the original EO website via the yellow EO icon at the foot of the page to view this range.

And please feel free to get in touch to discuss your own project - we're always happy to help in pursuit of your perfect outdoor kitchen solution.


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